• Anesthesia Video Laryngoscope

    Anesthesia Video Laryngoscope

    Video laryngoscopes are laryngoscopes that use a video screen to show the view of the epiglottis and trachea on a display for easier patient intubation. They are often used as a first-line tool in anticipated difficult laryngoscopy or in attempts to rescue difficult (and unsuccessful) direct laryngoscope intubations.

  • Disposable Endotracheal Tube Plain

    Disposable Endotracheal Tube Plain

    Disposable endotracheal tube is used to build artificial respiration channel, made of medical PVC material, transparent, soft and smooth. The X-ray blocking line runs through the pipe body and carries the ink hole to prevent the patient from being blocked.

  • Disposable central venous catheter kit

    Disposable central venous catheter kit

    Central Venous Catheter (CVC), also known as a central line, central venous line, or central venous access catheter, is a catheter placed into a large vein. Catheters can be placed in veins in the neck (internal jugular vein), chest (subclavian vein or axillary vein), groin (femoral vein), or through veins in the arms (also known as a PICC line, or peripherally inserted central catheters).

  • Disposable Anesthesia Puncture Kit

    Disposable Anesthesia Puncture Kit

    Disposable anesthesia puncture kit contains epidural needle, spinal needle and epidural catheter of the corresponding size, kink resistant yet structurally strong catheter with the flexible tip making catheter placement convenient.

  • Inflatable Disposable Face Mask

    Inflatable Disposable Face Mask

    Disposable anesthesia mask is a medical device that acts as an interface between the circuit and the patient to provide anesthetic gases during surgery. It can cover the nose and mouth, ensuring effective non-invasive ventilation therapy even in case of mouth breathing.

  • Disposable anesthesia brething circuit

    Disposable anesthesia brething circuit

    Disposable anesthesia breathing circuits link an anesthesia machine to a patient and are designed to precisely deliver oxygen and fresh anesthetic gasses while removing carbon dioxide.

  • Disposable Bacterial and Viral Filter

    Disposable Bacterial and Viral Filter

    Disposable Bacterial and Viral Filter is used for bacteria, particle filtration in breathing machine and anesthesia machine and to increase the gas moisture degree, also can be equipped with pulmonary function machine to filter the spray with bacterial from the patient.

  • Disposable Electrosurgical Pads (ESU Pad)

    Disposable Electrosurgical Pads (ESU Pad)

    Electrosurgical grounding pad(also called ESU plates) is made from electrolyte hydro-gel and aluminum-foil and PE foam, etc. Commonly known as patient plate, grounding pad, or return electrode. It is a negative plate of the high-frequency electrotome. It applies to electric welding, etc. of the high-frequency electrotome.

  • Disposable Hand-Controlled Electrosurgical (ESU) Pencil

    Disposable Hand-Controlled Electrosurgical (ESU) Pencil

    Disposable Electrosurgical Pencil is used during common surgical operations to cut and cauterize human tissue, and consists of a pen-like shape with a tip, handle, and connecting cable for electrical heating.

  • Disposable Pressure Transducer

    Disposable Pressure Transducer

    Disposable pressure transducer is for the continuous measurement of physiological pressure and determination of other important haemodynamic parameters. Hisern’s DPT can provide accurate and reliable blood pressure measurements of arterial and venous during cardiac intervention operations.